Crypto Agent is an Amazon Alexa Skill that provides the current price for a user supplied list of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be added or removed from your list. For questions, please email The skill can be found on the Alexa site here.



Phrase Result
“Open Crypto Agent” Provides latest prices for your cryptos
“Ask Crypto Agent for Prices” Provides latest prices for your cryptos
“Ask Crypto Agent to add Ripple” Adds Ripple to your list of cryptocurrencies
“Ask Crypto Agent to remove Ripple” Removes Ripple to your list of cryptocurrencies
“Ask Crypto Agent to quote Iota” Gives current quote for Iota
“Ask Crypto Agent to set currency to Euros” Sets quotes to be in Euros



Symbol Name
ADA Cardano
AST AirSwap
BTC Bitcoin
BCH Bitcoin Cash
DGB DigiByte
ETH Ethereum
IOT Iota
LSK Lisk
LTC Litecoin
ZEC Zcash
XLM Stellar
XMR Monero
XRP Ripple
ZRX 0x

Fiat Currencies

Symbol Name
USD US Dollar
AUD Australian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
EUR Euro
GBP Pound
INR Indian Rupee

Release History

Release History

v0.3.0 / Dec 29, 2017

Phrase/Feature Description
Price Quotes  
Add Currency  
Remove Currency  

v0.4.0 / Jan 30, 2018

Phrase/Feature Description
New English Languages Added English UK, Canada, Australia, India
Remove bug fixed Remove w/empty list
New website

v0.5.8 / Jan 30, 2018

Phrase/Feature Description
Ask for single quote “quote ripple”, “for the price of ripple”, “Quote/price/lookup for bitcoin”, “How much is bitcoin”
New Cryptos Added ADA, AST, ETHOS, DASH, DGB, EOS, IOT, LSK, NEO, XEM, XLM, XMR, ZEC, ZRX (Cardano, AirSwap, Ethos, Dash, DigiByte, EOS, IOTA, Lisk, Neo, NEM, Monero, Stellar, Zcash, 0x)
New Currencies Added AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, INR - “Set currency to”
Fixed corrupt crypto list, “Unknown” gets added to list  
Don’t allow “Unknown” crypto to be added to list  
Appropriate response if crypto is unknown  
Default Crypto set to BTC  
Use currency based on locale setting  
log version  

under development…

Phrase/Feature Description
Allow “Cancel”, “Goodbye” Support AMAZON.Cancel intent
Improved validation Validate slots against slot definitions (if possible)
“Remove all” Erase all entries from list
Screen formating Improved layout
“Abbreviated speach” option for devices with displays, when enabled skill doesn’t speak each price on systems with displays
“Version” Speak current version of skill
Slack Notifications Send Usage Stats and Errors to Slack
Integrate with get list of currencies from existing user portfolio
Other portfolio integrations