Raspberry Pi SD Card Tests

There’s an excellent benchmarking post on SD card performance on Raspberry Pi’s by Jeff Geerling. These are the results of tests on my SD cards.

I’ve created a script that runs Jeff’s test here.

hdparm is a sequential read test, nice for quick boot
dd write is a block read/write test

Type Device hdparm dd write 4k rand read 4k rand write
USB SSD WD PiDrive 314 17.93 MB/s 36.3 MB/s 0.466 MB/s 1.5 MB/s
Micro SDHC 16GB Samsung Pro tbd tbd tbd tbd
USB 128GB SanDisk USB 33.25 MB/s 21.7 MB/s 2.53 MB/s 1.53 MB/s
USB 64GB Trascend USB 35.56 MB/s 15.2 MB/s 4.08 MB/s 0.62 MB/s
Micro SDHC 32GB Samsung EVO 20.17 MB/s 15.0 MB/s 8.61 MB/s 3.05 MB/s
Micro SDHC 8GB SanDisk 21.64 MB/s 9.8 MB/s 7.51 MB/s 0.76 MB/s
Micro SDHC 32GB GSkill 20.6 MB/s 16.3 MB/s 4.0 MB/s 0.6 MB/s
Micro SDHC 16GB Samsung EVO 9.82 MB/s 11.7 MB/s
Micro SDHC 32GB SP 17.83 MB/s 10.3 MB/s 2.5 MB/s 0.25 MB/s

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