Grails Development Environment and Tools

I first started developing with Grails in late 2009 based on a recommendation from a friend at large technology company that was developing a big project with it.  Also based on his recommendation, I Intellij Idea as the IDE for my Grails development. I developed a few tools for my own use and then moved on to some website projects with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

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jQuery Mobile Example Sites

Here are some of my favorite jQuery Mobile example sites: The jQuery Mobile Cheat Sheet by brooky. The American Century jQuery Mobile site. Tekaroo and their lists with detailed info, ratings and Google Maps link.

Grids, Tables and Listviews

Summary of using JQM grids on the jQuery Mobile site. A jQuery based grid system called 960 Grids. The American Century formatted listview.

Cascading Selects With Grails 1.3.7 and jQuery Mobile

Cascading selects are a common requirement in web interfaces and there’s a good example with Grails and the Prototype Javascript framework with a select field of Country’s that determines the list of Cities will show up in a secondary select field. I’m using Grails 1.3.7 with jQuery Mobile to present a mobile interface. I have very little javascript experience and had a lot of problems getting this to work correctly.

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Selecting Separate Mobile and Desktop Interfaces with Grails

I’d like to create a Grails application that has both mobile and desktop browser interfaces. For the mobile interface, I’ve chosen jQuery Mobile. I found two blog postings that were very helpful. One by Graham Daley and the other by Bryan Hughes. Eventually, I’d like to have pages that are also designed for tablets and I plan on using jQuery Mobile for that also along with the jQuery-based Datatables. Omar Marji has a very good post on using jQuery Mobile with Grails.

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