IE9 Cookie Tracking

I really like the new feature in IE9 that allows you to track the cookies that sites are trying to place on your system.  I’m not sure how usable this will be over the long term but it’s certainly interesting to turn this feature on at least briefly to get an idea of the cookies being laid down by the sites you visit.

To enable this feature in IE9:

– From the Tools menu, select Internet Options

– Click the Privacy tab

– Click the Advanced button

– Click the Override automatic cookie handling checkbox

– I turn on the Prompt option for Third Party Cookies

You’ll then be prompted whenever a site you visit tries to drop cookies from a third party site and you can choose to allow or block the cookies.


If you’re installing a new Windows system you need Ninite. Ninite is a website that provides a quick and simple way to install much of the software you want on a new system.

Browse to the Ninite website, click the checkboxes next to the apps you want (WinZip, DropBox, Chrome, Firefox, Skype, ….) and it will download the latest versions and install them without any further interactions. The list of supported applications is updated regularly.

MediaCenter – Tried and Failed

I’d really like to get a MediaCenter system going. I played with MediaCenter 2005 a few years ago and was impressed with their user interface compared to Tivo. The use of graphics is much better than Tivo.

Why MediaCenter?

MediaCenter interests me as a possible replacement for Tivo because:

1) No monthly subscription

2) Slicker graphical interface than Tivo

3) With the My Movies add-in, I can archive my DVD collection to hard disk and have my entire library available via my remote (with that nice graphic interface – DVD covers displayed next to each movie) and you can search your library by Actor, Director, Genre, etc. See

4) More extensible (hacks available) unlike the Tivo HD products which are no longer hackable

Which Hardware?

For hardware, I decided on the HP Slimline’s because I like the size. I bought the Slimline s3500f at Fry’s

My Movies

I had already used DVD ShrinkIt 3.2 to begin archiving my DVD library to ISO files. My Movies can play both mpg files and ISO’s. The big advantage of ISO’s is that My Movies reads it just like a DVD with the menu and all DVD options whereas mpg files are going to give you the movie only.


Two problems became apparent with the Slimline as a MediaCenter server:

1) Noise – The Slimline fans our too noisy in a home entertainment center
2) Noise – The BluRay DVD is really loud when the head seeks

How about MediaCenter Extenders

An alternative would be to put the Slimline in another room and use an Xbox 360 as a MediaCenter extender. The problem with this is the limited codec support in the MediaCenter extenders (including the Xbox 360). Limited codecs for me, means the DVD library would have to be mpg based – no DVD menus and much longer times to encode the DVD’s to mpg instead of copying to iso’s.

With the right hardware, MediaCenter might be worth pursuing, but I’m already having to give up a local BluRay drive and my DVD library and I haven’t yet tried to deal with CableCard to get the full Tivo-like features in HD.

I’m throwing in the towel on MediaCenter.