1 Mar 2016

Meteor, React & Mantra Resources

The move to Meteor with React is on and Mantra has spelled out a framework that builds on Meteor and React. There's a good discussion of books and tutorials on this subject in the Meteor forums. I'm going to add some links in particular on reference apps in this post.


Kadira has posted a lot of information on their Mantra framework at their Kadria Voice blog.

Mantra Sample Apps

Setting Up The Mantra Kickstarter App

Clone the Repo

git clone https://github.com/mantrajs/meteor-mantra-kickstarter.git

Switch to the directory and run npm install to install the dependencies:

cd meteor-mantra-kickstarter
npm install

At this time there's a known problem which prevents the app from running. To work around the problem run the commands:

npm install react-simple-di
npm install react-komposer

The first installs version 1.0.1 of react-simple-di and the second version 1.3.2 of react-komposer.

Keeping Kickstarter Up To Date with Git

The issue above has already been fixed so instead of manually fixing it, let's automatically keep our copy up to date and merge in a fix that has been provide.

First, use the Github interface to fork your own copy of the project and then clone your fork:

git clone https://github.com/rgstephens/meteor-mantra-kickstarter.git
cd meteor-mantra-kickstarter.git

Let's track changes to the original project:

git remote add --track master upstream https://github.com/mantrajs/meteor-mantra-kickstarter.git

To get the code from the master and merge it with your code enter:

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

I'd now like to merge in a pull request from another contributor that fixes the problem described above. This pull request has not been granted by the original author so I'm going to grab the fix directly from the contributors fork of the project:

git checkout master
git remote add mozky git://github.com/mozky/meteor-mantra-kickstarter
git fetch mozky
git merge mozky/v0.2.1
git push origin master

Setting Up Impossible List

Clone the Repo

git clone https://github.com/kenrogers/impossiblelist.git

Switch to the directory and run npm install to install the dependencies:

cd mantraplate
npm install -g