14 Feb 2016

Meteor Angular Packages

Using Angular with Meteor has been a moving target. Thanks to the Uri Goldshtein's work on Angular-Meteor and MDG's support of this project, we now have a consolidated approach

Meteor's packing system and Atmosphere package repository is a free for all where many out of date and overlapping packages are available. This summarizes some of the old packages I've used in projects to try and sort through the process of consolidating around the Angular-Meteor based packages.

Example Angular Project Dependency Hierarchy

Here are the Angular related packages and inherited dependencies I've been using. The latest versions of the popular UI Router and UI Bootstrap packages are not currently available in Atmosphere.
[table nl="~~"]
Angular,angularjs:angular~~v1.3.15,angular:angular~~(from animate)
UI Router,angularui:angular-ui-router~~v0.2.15,angularui:angular-ui-router~~v0.2.15~~(needs update)
UI Bootstrap,angularui:angular-ui-bootstrap v0.13.0,enforcer:angular-ui-bootstrap~~v1.0.3~~(needs update),
The packages being added via the meteor add command are shown below. Because of a known bug, I have to specify the latest version of the package in the meteor add command.

Because of the bug, I suggest you run the meteor list command or check the .meteor/versions file to make sure the latest version of the package has been installed.

  • angular:angular-animate (1.5.0)
    • angular:angular
    • meteor
  • enforcer:angular-ui-bootstrap (latest available package but still out of date)
    • meteor
  • angularui:angular-ui-router (latest available package but still out of date)
    • angular:angular
    • meteor
  • angular
    • pbastowski:angular-bable
    • meteor
    • angular-meteor-data
    • angular-templates
    • benjamine:jsondiffpatch
    • dburles:mongo-collection-instances
    • lai:collection-extensions

Commands to add these packages

meteor add angular:angular-animate        # grabs angular:angular
meteor add enforcer:angular-ui-bootstrap
meteor add angularui:angular-ui-router
meteor add angular
meteor add angularutils:pagination

Angular Meteor Package

The Angular Meteor package (confusingly using the package name angular while the Angular package is called angular:angular) provides the angular modules to provide integration into Meteor's pub/sub services and database as described in the manifesto. As of this date, there are nearly 20,000 installs of this package.

The package has the following dependencies:

[table nl="~~"]
Angular Meteor Dependencies, Dependencies of these packages
pbastowski:angular-babel, meteor
meteor,es5-shim\, underscore

Official MDG Angular Packages

[table nl="~~"]
Package,Total Installs,Latest Update,Versions
angular:angular,710,Feb 2016,1.3.15 - 1.5.0
,Dependencies:,jquery\, meteor[attr colspan="2"],
angular:angular-animate,1834,Feb 2016,1.3.15 - 1.5.0
,Dependencies:,angular:angular\, meteor[attr colspan="2"],
angular:angular-material,5942,Feb 2016,0.9.0 - 1.0.5
,Dependencies:,angular:angular-animate\, angular:angular\, meteor\, angular-aria[attr colspan="2"],

angularjs Packages

[table nl="~~"]
Package,Total Installs,Latest Update,Versions
angularjs:angular,122,Mar 2015,0.10.0 - 1.3.15
,Dependencies:,jquery\, meteor[attr colspan="2"],
angularjs:angular-animate,217,Feb 2015,1.3.6 - 1.3.13
,Dependencies:,meteor\, angularjs:angular[attr colspan="2"],
angularjs:angular-route,10,Apr 2015,1.3.15
,Dependencies:,meteor\, angularjs:angular[attr colspan="2"],

Angular UI-Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap is currently at release 1.1.2. It looks like the angularui:angular-ui-bootstrap package was actively maintained through May 2015 and since that time there have been individual packages to fill the gap but none of these are up to date.

[table nl="~~"]
Package,Total Installs,Latest Update,Versions,Dependencies
enforcer:angular-ui-bootstrap,18,Dec 2015,1.0.0 - 1.0.3,meteor
thospaeth:angular-ui-bootstrap,2,Dec 2015,0.14.3,angular:angular\, meteor
superchris:angular-ui-bootstrap,78,Nov 2014,0.13.4,meteor\, superchris:angular
charcolios:angular-ui-bootstrap,6,Sep 2015,0.13.4,angular:angular\, meteor
angularui:angular-ui-bootstrap,2739,May 2015,0.12.1 - 0.13.0,angular:angular\, meteor

Angular UI Router

Angular UI Router is currently at release 0.2.18.

[table nl="~~"]
Package,Total Installs,Latest Update,Versions,Dependencies
angularui:angular-ui-router,16988,May 2015,0.2.13 - 0.2.15,angular:angular\,~~meteor
urigo:angular-ui-router,3194,Apr 2015,0.2.14,angular:angular-ui-router\, meteor
mrt:angular-ui-router,4,Aug 2014,0.1.4 - 0.1.5,meteor\, loneleeandroo:ngmeteor